Joseph Oregon Jewels, Gems & Metal

The art of fine Jewelry making, old-world style, is alive and well in Joseph Oregon.

Wallowa Mountain Studio Jewelry

Susan Collett has been an artist her entire life. Her early focus was on drawing, oils, pastel and watercolors but she has a love of any form of art in just about every genre. "Only recently I have taken on a new form of art expression; jewelry making. As a visual artist I try to interpret my jewelry designs the colors, shapes and patterns inspired by the beauty around me. I find a relationship between the fluid shapes in leaves birds, dragonflies, etc found in my environment and those more symmetrical shapes such as squares, rectangles, disks, cogs and sprockets in any combination as an interesting design mechanism to make a wonderfully unique piece of jewelry." In Joseph you can find them at Wolf Fleece or visit her online store: Wallowa Mountain Studio

Stewart Jones Jewelry

Jewelry Design by Stewart Jones. Stewart's work has won several design awards, including the most prestigious award in the jewelry industry, the DeBeers Diamonds International Design Award. Although Stewart works in all fine metals, he specializes in 18k gold and platinum. His preferred method is fabrication, the same method used in making the world's finest jewelry throughout the ages. It involves the milling, cutting, and shaping of metal to produce a longer-wearing piece with greater integrity. There are no waxes, no molds, no duplicates. Each is truly one-of-a-kind work of art. See them at their gallery in Joseph: Indigo Gallery

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