Joseph Oregon Artists Mission Statement

  • Create an all-inclusive directory of local Wallowa County Artists.
  • Make it affordable, local and personable.
  • Connect the artists to their retail outlet and vice-versa.
  • Create an affordable outlet for artists who have none.
  • Gear it to tourists seeking information on Joseph Oregon.
  • Allow community input and creativity.
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Joseph and the surrounding area is home to many artists, but finding them all is a task. By creating a central directory we can solve that problem and provide two important benefits; the fact that people are naturally drawn to variety and that larger sites are indexed higher making them easier to find, both virtues combing to create traffic. The community will benefit with increased outside interest and that should help generate sales of locally produced products. Due to the way this site is indexed, we now get an average of 150 visitors a day.

This site was created to help a friend, but we realized that the cost to design, list, host and maintain a strong web presence was more than they could justify. Others have thought of this idea before, but the goal here is to make it not only affordable, but with a strong emphasis on tourism and outside-area sales.

Artists tell me that prospective clients often ask them where they can be found on the web- that what they need is a online portfolio; at a minimum we can meet that requirement. If you sell your work through a local gallery or other outlet, a link will be present so interested buyers can make the purchase. If you desire the ability to sell online- we can set that up too.

This whole concept is geared to exposing your work to the greatest audience and importantly, making users aware of where they can purchase your work.

This service runs anywhere from $100 to free-

Term Cost Includes
- $0 Free listing to your existing site (please link back)
Once $25 Artist's Business Card Listing (for those who don't desire a site)
Yearly $50 Complete Hosting including 5 simple text changes or 2 new product sub-pages
Yearly $100 Includes Above plus Unique Domain Name
Hour $30 Artists Discounted Hourly Web Design Rate or simple Flat Rates

Having your own domain, making you the site owner, allows for online shopping. There are various companies out there that offer online secure shopping for a fee less than becoming a visa vendor. The service I use has a $50 one-time setup fee and then charges about 6% per transaction, and that's it, no other costs. There is no charge to upload additional pages that you design. We encourage free expression beyond the category pages and expect that artists will have their own unique look.

We'll also provide a free link and picture to local Galleries that carry art from local artists. If your Gallery is not on the web, we can build and host it here too.

Web sites are designed, depending on the number of pages and your expectations, in a few hours to several days. Please see my page on web design for more, or call 426-9017 to discuss it in person.

Certainly people unfamiliar with the area use the Internet to gather information before they visit. It shouldn't take them long to realize that the area is host to many fine artists, and to that end, this site is dedicated.


Please join us; we'd all love to see your work!

Call me (Jeff Baird) at 426-9017 or e-mail >here<

Call Chuck at Moonlight Graphics at 432-2215 or e-mail >here<

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Michele Baird at Joseph Oregon Real Estate.

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